Unbeatable Service and quality

I have been into car stereo ever since I got my license over 30 years ago. In 2003 I got a opportunity to open my Car Stereo Shop, KS Autotek In Philadelphia Pa. The perks of being a business owner is I got to choose what products i sold. I liked Viper but soon fell in love with CompuStar and their 2nd generation Two Way Paging Remote System. The AS2000 was so ground breaking the FCC soon banned its sale in the USA for their extreme range. Since 2003 I was a CompuStar Dealer. I was the biggest CompuStar Pro Dealer in Philadelphia and also won their Top Gun award many years in a row. As an active member on T4R.Org since 2013. Members asked me to help them with In Car Entertainment (ICE) since i was the Subject Matter Expert (SME). I started helping them DIY radio's and Remote Starters. There was a lot of confusing  info on how how the remote starts worked. It was clarified here https://bit.ly/35EmVa6 thread has been around for 5 years and tons of reviews. My goal is for you to get the BEST system available to you to DIY. NONE of the other systems allow for customization, defroster controls and FULL security options!! Plus, that’s my Cell phone posted up. You can call me, I will help you get it installed! Your success is my success!!