I installed my remote start/security system last month and I am very happy with the outcome. Steve took the time to answer all my questions before settling on a system that worked for my needs. During the install I had a little issue and sent a text to Steve. Within minutes he gave me a call back, walked me through the issue I was having. And everything worked. Steve was very patient and knowledgeable of these products. Any looking for a remote start and or security system should not hesitate to contact Steve.

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The install was very easy, the fortin is equally as easy since it is also a "all in one" unit. The programming for the blade al was ridiculous...push it in and turn the key on, wait for light, turn key off and done.

Over all it is a high quality product that works well. I love the ez-go access since I do not have the smart key. Compustar gives you the most flexibility with options and products ive seen, you can really cater the unit to what you need.

The last DEI products I installed were years ago and it was a wire by wire installation which is a totally different beast than a can-bus installation. The first remote start i had in the 4runner was a audiovox rs/flcan bypass. the bypass and alarm/remote start didn't like to play well together so the all in one units fix that.

When programming/installing - daisy chain the ez-go and remote transponder, the unit has two remote ports but they cannot be used simultaneously...this is where reading the chart helps as i didn't lol. The remotes or ez-go must be programmed for the controller to respond, this is not the case with fortin evo all/one as it can function without any rf kit and pull signals directly from can-bus. Also you must learn tachless mode before it will remote start.

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